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Digital Rights Management

CHIF Protect DRM Can Change Music Forever

Our cutting-edge technology and patented file format provide a secure and versatile data container, equipped with advanced digital rights management features. With this technology, we aim to empower both labels and artists by affording them unprecedented control over their links, metadata, images, and audio quality – all at minimal cost. The possibilities are endless, and we’re excited to see what the future of music holds.


CHIFs offer an innovative way to monetize audio content, by incorporating links to purchase related products and connect with social media. Essentially, each audio file becomes a digital storefront, a public relations agent, and a ticketing office, all rolled into one.

What’s more, developers have the ability to create unique links for each CHIF, enabling unparalleled data collection and e-commerce opportunities. With this revolutionary approach to audio content, the possibilities for generating revenue and engaging audiences are endless.


In the world of audio, there is a discrepancy between the sampling rate of most streaming and purchasable audio, which typically plays at a standard rate of 44KHz, and the higher sampling rates of 88.2KHz or 96KHz utilized in recording studios to capture more of the nuances of the music. Unfortunately, much of the detail and richness of the music is lost in the translation to lower sampling rates.

However, for those seeking a more pristine listening experience, some artists and labels offer lossless compression music with sampling rates of 48KHz or above, which can produce cleaner and more dynamic bass, treble, and midrange sounds. This premium listening option is gaining popularity among discerning music enthusiasts who crave a more immersive and authentic audio experience.


Achieving high levels of engagement with your fans requires a granular approach. Utilizing CHIF files can provide extensive analytics and a treasure trove of metadata for you to leverage.

Identify the evangelists and super-fans who contribute the most to your sales and revenue, and show them appreciation with perks and social media shout-outs. By turning your fans into salespeople, you can boost your bottom line.