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Protect Military and Governmental Data

CHIF has pioneered a unique file format designed to serve as a fortress for sensitive information. Our technology offers a secure data container, which ensures the safe distribution of encrypted and time-sensitive military and governmental data. By leveraging our advanced solution, you can achieve a heightened level of security and peace of mind.

Official Military Personnel File (OMPF)

Our cutting-edge technology provides a robust and foolproof solution for entities such as the Department of Defense to securely update and transfer sensitive data, ranging from personnel reports to medical records, with complete peace of mind.


Portable, Secure, and Efficient Personnel and Materiel Files

With the advent of secure, portable files, a new era of organization and efficiency has dawned upon us. These versatile containers have found their way into all aspects of our lives, from helping us keep track of our gear inventory to managing unit operational status. They can hold a vast array of information, ranging from mundane maintenance records to heartfelt letters home. The possibilities are endless, and their usefulness cannot be overstated. Embrace the power of CHIFs and streamline your life today!


Interface with Other Governmental Organizations

The US Armed Forces can establish a secure and standardized file format to facilitate secure communication with organizations such as the Veterans Benefits Administration and the Internal Revenue Service. This measure not only ensures data security but also streamlines inter-organizational exchange.


Piece-By-Piece Encryption Creates Levels of Confidentiality

Customizing access levels for various types of information is essential to ensure data security. For instance, it would be prudent to encrypt gear, inventory, and supplies differently than medical records or personal information, as they require varying levels of security.

Next, the custom client software is employed to securely distribute a wide range of files, including research, surveillance reports, weather, and operational orders. By doing so, the sensitive information is disseminated into the field with optimal protection, providing an additional layer of security.


Unique Identifiers and Remote-Control File Features

By harnessing the UUID feature of the CHIF file format, a singular and distinctive identifier is generated for every file, enabling effortless monitoring of each file’s whereabouts from a centralized hub. This valuable capability empowers administrators to manage file access and routing with precision and ease.


Identification for Security and Checkpoints

In order to safeguard ships, bases, and federal buildings, entry and exit points are monitored by vigilant sentries who utilize cutting-edge identity-based CHIF apps. These apps possess a remarkable capability to store crucial information such as voice-print identification, meta data, vital statistics, and photo confirmation in a single, secure file. This groundbreaking technology ensures maximum security and peace of mind for all concerned parties.